Bold Moves: Diary of a First Time Marathoner

Diane Wilhelm

It started out as a simple Bucket List goal but became much, much more…

Bold Moves chronicles Diane’s journey as a first time marathoner. You will quickly discover, as Diane did, that the training journey involved more than running. Her nearly six month commitment to train and eventually run 26.2 miles brought forth lessons about family, work life balance, faith, leadership and sacrifice. Aiming to be a “one and done,” the training journey takes Diane through some surprises as she discovers the parallels of running and facing life’s struggles.

Bold Moves is an inspirational story that will prod readers to assess the items lingering on their Bucket List. If Diane can turn her dreams into reality, why can’t you?

Simply an outstanding must read. This is not just a great story about preparing for and running your first marathon. It’s also full of real life examples of what life should be all about? Diane might have started out with the goal of running a race but she found a much bigger cause along the way with Team in Training and her connection with the LLS. Her caring for others through her examples of commitment, passion, faith, love for her family and the drive to not only succeed but make a difference in other people’s lives is very touching and inspiring. –via